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  • Partec – Excellence in Flow Cytometry

    The Mission: providing the best flow cytometry systems, worldwide. Being the pioneer in flow cytometry since 1968, the aim of Partec is to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge technology with unique design for getting best results. By combining latest scientific and biotechnological knowledge into clever and cost-efficient solutions Partec can provide excellent automated cell analysis and diagnostic tools with higher precision and more affordability than ever before.

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  • CyFlow® Cube
  • Partec High End Microscopy
    Transmitted Light & Fluorescence

    Partec is offering highest-precision research microscopes as well as
    a unique class of portable, mobile and battery-operated fluorescence and transmitted light LED microscopes manufactured in Germany. Partec‘s cutting-edge technological creations for microscopy are designed utmost compact and robust and eliminate any needs for light source alignments as known from conventional microscopes.

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  • CyScope® Research
  • Flow Cytometry
  • The fight against the three global "killer diseases"

    Partec Essential Healthcare is significantly contributing to addressing the specific requirements of patients by devel- oping, manufacturing, and supplying innovative, dedicated, accurate, affordable, and mobile solutions to where they are needed most for improving human healthcare services.

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  • Essential Healthcare